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Making It Work


Our goal is to be your only supplier of steel buildings and anything related to this industry. This would include metal roof and wall panel repairs or replacement.

It also can include the addition of roof curbs, snow bars, wall openings, etc. to an existing building.

You have a small repair project lined up to your building shell? Let us help you through it.

Project History

The management at Optimal has completed virtually every type of building project. Hangars, worship, sludge storage, processing, manufacturing, warehouse and retail. Each project type has its own set of characteristics that need to be addressed in the design stage to help you make your project successful.

Let Optimal's knowledge of past projects guide your project.


Let Optimal's design team help you at the front-end of the project to insure the final product is the most economical and has the most value for you and the owner.

The most successful projects start with an idea and a good design team to help mold the project. Let Optimal be your building partner

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